Sunday, October 14, 2007

Assignment 5, 3 Articles

Article 1

Lam, Paul., & McNaught, Carmel. (2006) Design and evaluation of online courses containing media-enhanced learning materials. Educational Media International, 43(3), 199-218.

This article consists of what has been studied on multimedia technology and the factors that contribute to the success of online learning.

Article 2
Natarajan, M. (2006) Use of online technology for multimedia education. Information Services & Use, 26(3), 249-256.

This article focuses that the content, the media, and the administration are the main areas for better multimedia education using online technology.

Article 3
Berge, Zane L. (2000) Component of the online classroom. New Directions for Teaching & Learning, 84, p23-29.

This article discusses what has been studied and if it actually works.

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