Sunday, October 21, 2007

Assignment 7, Research Ideas

Some potential research questions could be the following:

Does the isolation of online courses increase or decrease language communications?
Does the use of multimedia increase the learning motivation?
Does the use of multimedia increase content learning?
Is the use of collaboration to comment on other students’ work benefit the whole class?

For a more efficient result, the use of a qualitative and a quantitative research will answer most of our questions. Observations and interviews will best describe the setting for online learning. The use of surveys to get the feedback is another instrument that could help in the analysis of the research. Finally the use of assessments will indicate if new media in online courses are beneficial or not.


JOE OCHOA said...
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JOE OCHOA said...

I like your research question about using multimedia to increase learning motivation. Hello Erica's friend.

Ivonne Tapia said...

Hi Maria,
Your questions were well thought and very interesting and are you thinking of using these questions for any other project.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Maria, for your kind comment. I really appreciate it.
We sure are learning a lot in a short time.... can you feel your mind expanding from all the smartness????(phew...).
How are you doing on Assignment 8?
I still have to do my assignment for ETEC 500 which is due now....